Solar Water Heater For Home

The fastest and easiest way of getting heated water without consumption of electricity is the solar water heater for home. The solar water heaters that are used for home and also known as the domestic hot water systems. More »

Industrial Solar Water Heaters

The Industrial water heater comprises several innovations and technologies for renewable energy. It offers the ultimate solar energy solution. More »

Solar Water Pumping System

ENERSON Solar Water Pumping Systems is a stand-alone system operating on power generated by Solar Photovoltaic Panels. More »

Solar DC Fridge

The DC fridge is the most energy saving and freezer combination for all DC and solar applications, also for medical clinics and medicine cooling. The device can be used either as a fridge or as a freezer. More »

40W Solar Home system AC/DC

Digital indication of working model , LED indicator of the working condition of charging and discharging , LED indicator of electric quantity etc.. More »


2000W Solar Power System

Model No: High-2000W


  • Digital indication of working model
  • Perfect protection function, thus the system has higher reliability.Battery Charger Protection, Battery Low Voltage Protection, Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection, Thermal Protection, Fault Indication Function
  • LCD display function, visually display battery voltage and charge current
  • Integrated design of controller and inverter,with simple structure and easy maintenance
  • Frequency toroidal transformer, ensures that inverter has high efficiency and low no-load loss
  • Pure sine wave output, compared with square wave or modified wave, has higher efficiency and higher capability of driving load
  • PWM stepless unload mode, which burn the excess power, making the battery charging in best status
  • Suitable for household lighting, TV, fan, radio, computer, electric motor and refrigerator




Solar panel power


Solar charge controller


Solar inverter

4000W Pure wave sine inverter

Battery capacity

12V 150AH *8pcs

Output voltage/frequency

110VAC/220VAC 50/60Hz

Inverter conversion efficiency






Load Item
10*11W Energy Saver Bulbs or 5W LED lighting
1*15W Radio or CD/DVD player
1 *100W Floor fan
1*100W Colour TV
1*150W Computer
1*150W 200L Refrigerator
1*200W Dry machine


Can supply electric 10000w/day
Charge full battery can guarantee that one days of normal power supply
The maximum power load for the system: 3200 W
Capacitive load need add 5 times rated power ,as electric motor, refrigerator, air conditioning, Microwave and ovens.